This site provides the basic infrastructure for a much larger research project being conducted by students in the 2013-2014 Gallery Practices class, a course that I teach at the University of Western Ontario.

This virtual repository is a place that holds my personal collection of ideas, inspirations, photographs, alternate utopias and just about anything that beckons me to record what I hope will someday materialize into my own “Daily Interventions” for living.

As long as I can remember I have been collecting images and texts about issues and art work that have inspired me, often helping me to situate my position in the world. Postings on my site will refer to things that I hold close to my heart but are not listed in any particular order. Some of the things that I gravitate towards include contemporary art, architecture, organic gardening, nutrition, vegetarian/vegan related topics and recipes, alternate health systems, yoga and yoga lifestyles.

Similar sites will be produced by each student in the class where they will post their own research, writing, and images later culminating in a final research paper at the end of the fall term. In January 2014 the summation of their research will be massaged into a year end exhibition project which will open in the Spring of 2014.



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